Episode 4 RunDown

This is the Offical RunDown for The Movie Miguel Show Episode 4!
Hunt for a co-host!!

MovieMiguel.com updates & construction.

Movie News:

Murphy and Ratner Team for Beverly Hills Cop 4

Transformers 2 Coming in 3-D?

Who's Returning for Transformers 2?

Michael Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

The Saw V Plot and Full Cast

Kevin Greutert Directing Saw VI

Producer, Director and Actor Talk Saw V

Spider-Man 4 & 5 to be Shot at the Same Time?

Sony Going with a New Spider-Man?

Abrams Not Sure About Cloverfield 2?

MGM to Bring Back Red Dawn and RoboCop

George Lucas on a Fifth Indiana Jones

John Cusack Set for Emmerich's 2012

John Woo Goes Back to 1949

Bale Signed for All Three Terminator Films

Regal & RealD Reach Deal for 1,500 More Screens

Mel Brooks on Get Smart

2nd Mummy Trailer Coming When?

Prince Caspian's Release Date Was a Mistake?

Disney Forms Kingdom Comics for Film Projects

Sony Pictures Launches The Hot Ticket


The CW to Bring Back Reaper

The Mole US Season 5 Quiz #1


The Mole - Biography - Host - Jon Kelley

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Victoria

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Ali

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Clay

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Kristen

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Paul

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Nicole

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Mark

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Bobby

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Craig

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Alex

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Marcie

The Mole - Biography - Contestant - Liz

Tech News:

Windows XP going off market in June: What it means

Creative ditches Zen Share WiFi player, X-Fi DAP might be in the works

Hard to Believe... Strange But True Cell Phone Stories

Video Games:

Video games turn kids into killers?

Gears of War 2: Too violent for some?


$400 Fine for Text Message During Movie

Cell Phone Nudes Now Part of Teen Dating?

Westlake Police Report High School Drug Abuse

Avon to Introduce Bond Girl 007 Fragrance


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