Is Rover's Morning Glory Over?

Is Rover's Morning Glory Over?
By: Mike Kopcak
Updated: 02.19.2008, 12:00p.m.

After 5 years of broadcasting in Cleveland (not "from" there were those few months that we wont mention where they went to Chicago, IL and "bombed" horribly.) Rover's Morning Glory (RMG) is off the air. MovieMiguel.com & OpieAndAnthony.com both announced this morning (02.19.2008) that the duo who replaced Rover in his Chicago seat in August of 2006, will be taking over their morning drive time slot in Cleveland, Oh (the broadcast location of the current incarnation of RMG) that duo being Opie & Anthony.
Rover's Morning Glory and the Opie & Anthony Show did broadcast on the same station (K-Rock) in Cleveland; RMG and morning drive, O&A was syndication on a delay in the afternoons (Opie and Anthony original air time is 6-9am, they aired in Cleveland 3-6pm daily.)

OpieAndAnthony.com had this to say about the move:
  • "The Opie and Anthony Show is now LIVE in Cleveland on WKRK-FM... it's about time, aint it?"

  • RoverRadio.com had this comment:
    "Many people have been emailing me wondering why we haven't posted any info about what's going on or what the future holds for the show.

    At this time the show is still under contract to CBS. They've told us we can't talk about it, nor can we discuss what the future holds, or we'll be in breach of contract.

    They're also holding the website hostage, saying we can't post anything here in regards to what's going on (who knows, they may even demand this post be removed).

    Hang in there. You'll be hearing a lot more of us very soon."

    The fate of afternoon drive in Cleveland now that O and A are in the morning is yet to be seen, as well as the fate of Rover's Morning Glory in unknown this early after the announcement. Will this move bring back Opie & Anthony to the popularity they had in Cleveland before they were fired from their nationally syndicated show on August 22, 2002? time will tell, lets hope for the best.

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