Heroin Ring Arrests at Westlake High School

Heroin Ring Arrests at Westlake High School

Two students were arrested at Westlake High School on Wednesday for their connection with a heroin drug ring.

The arrest was the third made in connection with the heroin ring at the high school in two weeks.

According to Westlake Police Captain Guy Turner, the teens have been accused of using and selling heroin.

"It shouldn't really be a surprise to anybody." said Capt. Turner, "These two 17-year-old boys were one step up from users."

Westlake's Resource Officer, Scott Fortkamp, says Westlake Police arrested an 18-year-old female student last week at school. According to police she had heroin in her system and in her pocket.

The girl was a straight "A" student hoping to be accepted into an Ivy League university.

Westlake Police made a fourth arrest in the suspected ring, a mother of one of the 17-year-olds, 39-year-old Amy Ross.

Police confiscated drug materials, including heroin, cocaine and marijuana, from her home on Center Ridge Road late Wednesday.

"The mother was very insistent that the cocaine was for personal use." said Capt. Turner, "We don't know what if any role she may have had with the heroin. But, you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Westlake Police were able to bust up the heroin ring thanks to some parents who called Westlake High School when they heard rumors of heroin use.

The use and sale of the powerful drug comes as a shock to many students and parents.
"It's surprising to me. I didn't know this would be happening here in Westlake at all." said a Westlake High School junior who did not want to be identified.

"We've got good kids. Kids that never get in trouble in school, never get in trouble in the community, have great grades, they have college ahead of them, and they're getting mixed up in this kind of stuff." said Fortkamp.

According to Capt. Turner, heroin use is on the rise because it is cheap and easy to get. Police are still investigating the heroin ring and there could be more arrests.

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