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As we are speaking, the Zii Summit is underway in Shenzhen, China. Below is a round up of the announcements made today at the summit:

- Zii TRINITY Mobile Platform
ZiiLABS have finally entered the mobile phone arena with its TRINITY mobile platform. Together with the TRINITY phone, it features quad-band GSM/GPRS, tri-band WCDMA support with a 3.1" 16.7 million color OLED screen. The phone is powered by the ZMS-05 processor and comes with the usual X-Fi audio, 1080p video output with microSD slot. It runs both on Google's Android and Creative's Plazma. In summary, it's the ZiiEGG with mobile phone capability.

- ZiiLife™ Software, Services and Content Suite
To add value to the Zii range of devices, Creative introduces ZiiLife which consist of 4 main services:

  • ZiiMeet – The Next Generation 7M™ Collaborative Conferencing System
    "ZiiMeet is a highly-scalable Multi-Purpose, Multi-View, Multi-Platform, Multi-Medium, Multi-Host, Multi-Party and Multi-Device collaborative conferencing solution that works on PC, Mac and Zii Powered devices. ZiiMeet allows different parties to communicate and broadcast themselves ‘live’ simultaneously across different devices and platforms."

  • ZiiVue - For all your entertainment needs
    The ZiiVue is Creative's attempt to be a content provider. It boast a wide variety of content offerings such as HD movies, music, and TV media. Creative is already in talks with various music labels and production companies.

  • ZiiAcademy - The world in your hands
    "ZiiAcademy is the future of education, paving the way towards a collaborative model for knowledge acquisition and assimilation. ZiiAcademy allows users to explore the information world in an interactive and immersive learning experience, and engage in live discussions. Future Books with embedded video, text-to-speech, dictionaries, online tutorials and even engaging in live dialogue with lecturers or textbook authors can be encompassed in ZiiAcademy, revolutionizing educational pedagogy as we know it." Sounds totally like the Zii MediaBook.

  • ZiiApps - There's an app for everything
    "ZiiApps works with developers to produce game offerings, applications and utilities that support the Zii Platform. Developers who work on the Plaszma SDK can upload their applications to the ZiiApps store, which offers global support and distribution." Read: Zii App Store.

- ZiiOnaut Affiliate Program
"The ZiiOnaut Affiliate Program is a sales and marketing scheme that engages individuals to sell and market Zii products and accessories. ZiiOnaut Affiliates earn a commission when a third party purchases products or accessories from Zii.com through his referral." Not a developer or OEM partner? Become a Zii re-seller and benefit as well!

Today, Creative brought the Zii ecosystem to a new level with the announcement of the TRINITY mobile platform and its ZiiLife range of services. Together with the ZMS-05/05 chips and ZiiEGG, ZiiLABS has everything a no-brand company needs to propel itself to international market at super fast speed. However, despite how great Creative claims its Zii range of products to be, we have yet to see for ourselves if the products live up to the hype. It also doesn't help that no major company has adopted the ZMS chip or Plazma OS. There's still a day more to go before the Zii Summit ends and I do hope that Creative would unveil more products or announce any partnership it has forged. OR at the very least show us a video demo of the ZiiMeet or TRINITY phone. We will have more images/videos for you soon, so do check back on us!

[ZiiLABS Announces TRINITY]
[Creative Launches ZiiLife™]
[ZiiOnaut Affiliate Program]

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