More Products from Zii Summit 2009

What does the Greek God Hermes, and a Turtle have in common? If you answered, they both make for great soup you'd be wrong. They're actually some of the codenames for projects that Creative and Zii Labs are currently working. Here's a run-down of some new Zii products that ws shown at the Summit in China a few days ago

Project Lionfish

Project Lionfish looks like the Creative InPerson taken to a whole new level. It has an 11.6" touchscreen display with a multi-touch interface. It has a built-in camera for High-def video conferencing, as well as support for various video formats in HD including H.264.

Project Turtle

Project Turtle is a 360 degree camera that's also designed for videoconferencing. According to Cnet Asia it has a fisheye lens to allow you to see everyone at a conference.

Project Hermes

Hermes is the name of a mini PCI express card that has the ZMS-05 built-in. It's designed for Netbooks, and puts less strain on their respect CPU's when playing back H.264 and other formats. There's a nice video comparison showing the difference in CPU usage with netbooks using Hermes, and those that aren't. Watch it Here

You can find these pictures and plenty more from the Zii Summit in our forum

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