Microsoft Coffee-Table PCs Surface at AT&T Stores

April 2, 2008

Microsoft Coffee-Table PCs Surface at AT&T Stores

AT&T will soon be the first company to use Microsoft's touch-enabled, tabletop Surface computers as customer-service kiosks in stores.

The carrier said Wednesday that beginning April 17, Microsoft Surface computers will be set up in select retail locations in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, Texas, and San Francisco.

AT&T plans to use Microsoft Surface computers to provide information to customers about mobile devices and other products being sold in its retail outlets. Customers can find out the particulars of a device simply by placing it on the Surface screen; the information will automatically appear on the screen by reading sensors in the devices. Customers also can compare devices side-by-side this way.

Customers also can view interactive coverage maps and use touch and hand movements to move and work with the maps to determine the coverage areas for their wireless service. Eventually, AT&T also plans to add the ability to purchase accessories for devices, such as ringtones, graphics, video content and the like, using drag-and-drop and touchscreen capabilities on the Surface kiosks.

Depending on the success of the deployments in the first four cities, AT&T will decide where it will install them in other cities and markets.

Microsoft first unveiled the surface computers as a project code-named Milano a little less than a year ago. A Surface machine is about the size and shape of a coffee table with a flat, touchscreen display. Users interact with the machines merely by touching the screens and making various hand motions to move icons, photos or other files around, or to launch applications.

More information about AT&T's launch is available on the company's Web site.

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For more visit: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/index.html

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