My directorial debut in over two years will be on the home page of MovieMiguel.com This is a sudent film for my Media Design class, the project was called Motion Emotion, we had to choose a quote and through video represent it in 30-60 sec. I completed the project to the standards of the class but their was a few things i wanted to do differently,a and with out constraints. Granted that this video is drastically reduced from the original script, it was "to detailed" and due to time constraints on shooting the extended version has yet to be shot.
*also note that this is a student film and does use audio from other movies due to time constraints. One day i will shoot a movie that I will wright, direct, produce, and score. That is one of the things i have always wanted to try is to score my own film (longer than a minuet)

Thanks to the Cast for Making it all possible (from left to right ) Fallon Richmond, Derek Pope, Mike "Movie Miguel" Kopcak, Emily Kilpatrick.

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