March 5, 2007: Kevin Smith In Akron Was AMAZING!

March 5, 2007: Kevin Smith In Akron Was AMAZING!

What I got to see of the show was amazing, those of us who wanted to ask questions had to wait in the lobby where all we had was a crappy speaker to try and listen to what was going on insider. The 2 hr wait was well worth it though, I have gotten many responses on my website (MovieMiguel.com) regarding my question and the “long” response I got (I say “long” because I didn’t get to see most of the show, and I was told my question had one of the longest responses of the night.) All in all showing up in Akron at 11am to wait in line, to getting to talk to the legend it was well worth the wait.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

From Newsaskew.com

Kevin. Ohio. TONIGHT!

Posted @ 3:15 PM

The University of Akron welcomes Kevin Smith tonight for another of his awesome live Q&A appearances, where anything can happen and, dollar for dollar, hour for hour, you ALWAYS get your money's worth. Tonight's show begins at 7:30 PM and with it being a Friday and all, we're betting this will easily run past midnight. Tickets are at an amazingly cheap price (thank the University for funding most of the show), $8 for the public and $4 for students. The site still shows a live BUY TICKETS link, so we're assuming they may still be some seats open. At this price, it's a steal, and well worth a road trip in. So if you can make it -- Get rolling! We look forward to hearing from those of you lucky enough to attend tonight. Enjoy the show!


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