From “Dicks” To “Cops”…

From “Dicks” To “Cops”…

March 4th @ 6:51 pm | | Scooped by Tim Dahill, Greg Andrew, Paul Barker, Chuck K, Doug Panetta, Randy B, Rob Pouria

  • As fast as the announcement spread across the web earlier this week, we’re now hearing that there’s a slight title change in order for Kevin’s next directorial effort - According to the press today, “A Couple of Dicks” is changing to the tamer “A Couple of Cops”. For now, anyway.

    According to Kevin, with release over a year off, this is simply a “working title”. In other words, it’s subject to change. It could change back to the originally announced title. It could stay as-is. Or it could become something totally different. Title changes are not uncommon in Hollywood, with many films shooting under a totally different name than the actual release.

    The news has gotten a fair share of coverage on the web this week, with many sites now picking up on the new title. Other sites are still catching up with the big, unexpected news of the project.

    Those following Kevin on Twitter may have seen the following text: “Didja hear that? That’s the sound of a microphone being dropped on a stage.” This is a reference to the hilarious story Kevin tells about working with Bruce Willis on the “Threevening” disc. A great inside referece there. You can follow News Askew on Twitter as well, by the way, where we’re issuing any new headlines as they appear.

    Cinematical wonders if the title change suggests the film may be aiming for a PG-13 rating when it shoots.

    /Film speculates that the studio may have had something to do with the title shift.

    Variety issued their official press release on the film this morning in their print and online newsletter.

    Empire Online immediately puts the film at the top of their must-see list.

    Before the title change, Dark Horizons had a funny headline of their own to announce the project.

    What do we think? Heck, it doesn’t matter what title they go with. This was one of the most acclaimed unproduced screenplays out there (part of that famous “Black List” which became more known via an Entertainment Weekly article earlier this year). It’s got fantastic starpower. And it’s got our favorite director attached. Kevin’s known for his great relationship with all his actors, having worked with both Morgan (as his director in one of the funniest cameos for “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”) and Willis (in front of the screen for “Live Free or Die Hard”). These relationships along with a fantastic script and Kevin’s ability to gel with actors should make for a memorable project.

    You can bet we’ll be watching this project from now all the way up to when we’re enjoying it in theaters next year.


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