“A Couple of Cops/Dicks”: Latest Updates…

“A Couple of Cops/Dicks”: Latest Updates…

March 7th @ 12:43 pm | | Scooped by Riss Wiebe, Jason Hopkins, Cole R

  • Fark.com had a good line today, in refence to Kevin’s new project: “Warner Bros changes name of Kevin Smith’s new film to “A Couple of Cops”, fearing moviegoers might be offended by “A Couple of Dicks”. It’s not like there’s 37 of them.”

    Funny thing, though - Today, CHUD.com reports that the working title is now BACK to “A Couple of Dicks”. With a 2010 release planned, we have a feeling this might change yet again, but you never know. Like Kevin said earlier, the current title is considered to be for production only, anything is possible by the time we see a theatrical release.

    2 Cows Fighting also picks up the story and takes a shot at creating their own one sheet.

    We’ll keep our eyes on the project, of course — Though it seems the initial rush of news around the announcement has settled down — For now, anyway.


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