Film Production Studio Coming To Cleveland

Film Production Studio Coming To Cleveland

POSTED: 11:05 am EDT March 17, 2009
UPDATED: 11:15 am EDT March 17, 2009
A New York City-based independent film and television production company announced plans to bring a film studio to downtown Cleveland.Nehst Studios and the city of Cleveland agreed on a one-year, rent-free lease with an option to renew at the Cleveland Convention Center.The signed lease is the result of two years of talks between Nehst and the city.The goal is to create a first-rate movie production studio that can serve Cleveland and the rest of the region. It will produce films spanning numerous genres, including documentaries, Web series, television and feature films.Pending approval of a tax credit bill before the Ohio Legislature, Nehst will begin producing films at the Convention Center.The initial investment of up to $80 million in film production will fund 8 to 15 films during the next two years, with each film crew employing at least 100 to 200 people, according to Nehst.The economic benefit across multiple industries is expected to yield a multiplier effect of $120 to $165 million.


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