Where Does Underworld Turn Now?

Where Does Underworld Turn Now?

Source:Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor
January 23, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans propels fans of the franchise way back before the events of the first two entries to establish the friction between the vampire race and the Lycans. It not only provides a modicum of closure to some unanswered questions but it also fulfills the vision of Len Wiseman, co-creator and director of the previous films.

ShockTillYouDrop.com caught up to Wiseman at the red carpet premiere of the new film (on which he serves as producer) tonight to ask...where does Underworld go now? One could say the narrative can push forward following the events after Underworld: Evolution. Or, Wiseman and company could play around in the years between Lycans and the first picture.

"We'll see what happens with this one," Wiseman says. "They're now a bit more open. There was always a hope that there were three films we could tell - so we've completed that trilogy we've talked about. There are many places we can go. If people are willing to go back, they're willing to go forward."

Well, that sounds like we might see more of Selene and Michael. "I'm kind of flirting with ideas of what would take place in the future. I'm just glad people are accepting that we can jump around in the time line and people are interested. Hopefully they'll be willing to accept different stories because the characters are there and they're immortal. It would be fun to go forward again."

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans opens in theaters tomorrow.


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