Was Beginning the End for Leatherface?

Was Beginning the End for Leatherface?
Source:Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor
January 31, 2009

The future is looking bleak for a new Leatherface entry. Over at Platinum Dunes, there appears to be no interest in a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre entry, nor is any interest being felt at Warner Bros./New Line. The company's last outing with the Hewitt family was Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

"I think the original rights owners now own those rights," says Dunes' Brad Fuller. "I haven't heard anything for over a year now, but I think they want to go out and make their own Texas Chainsaw. While I used to always hope and pray that we could do another one, I don't feel that anymore."

Co-producer Andrew Form continues: "When we set out to make Friday the 13th, we wanted to do a fun horror film and we really enjoyed doing that. So we're going in that direction. A Nightmare on Elm Street is not that, it's a totally different movie but..."

"But you're not in the basement dismembering people," Fuller says. "It's not a torture movie, something we do not want to do."


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