FanBoys Finally Gets Released?

Fanboys will be getting what is known as a “Limited Platform Release.” It will open in 8 large cities on about 40 screens. If it has a good opening weekend, with a high per-screen average, then the studio will widen the release, adding more screens in more cities in the weeks that follow.

This isn’t the wide release I’d hoped for, but at this point I’m just happy that it’s finally coming out and that (some) fans will finally be able to see it at their local cinema.
If you live in one of these 8 cities, please gather up your geek posse and go see Fanboys on opening weekend (February 6-8), to help the movie reach more cities so that more fans can see it:

1) New York – 10 screens (including AMC 34th St)
2) Los Angeles – 10 screens (including Mann Chinese 6)
3) Chicago – 3 screens
4) Philadelphia – 5 screens
5) San Francisco – 6 screens
6) Seattle – 3 screens
7) Houston – 3 screens
8) Austin - 1 screen (Alamo Drafthouse)

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