Rogen To Return As “Ranger Danger”?

Rogen To Return As “Ranger Danger”?

September 9th @ 6:27 pm | | Scooped by George Efta, Robb J, Dino AInza

  • The LA Times recently scored a cool quote from Kevin regarding casting Seth Rogen as his lead hero in what’s currently known as “View Askew 10″, though the more we think about it, may turn into the long-in-planning “Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers”. Keep in mind, things change over the years, and Kevin may have retooled that film to a new theme/title or even come up with a totally different sci-fi superhero. We’ll see. However, current hints and quotes we’ve seen from Kevin are in line with “Ranger Danger” coming next after “Red State”. Here’s what JoBlo posted up today:

      “First, I’m going to do a 180 turn and do a horror movie called ‘Red State,’ ” Smith said in an interview Sept. 7 at the Toronto International Film Festival. “It’s going to be a total horror-political-psychological movie without a funny line in it. Then I’m going to do the science-fiction superhero movie. It’s going to be an original superhero that I’ve created. It’s stewing right now. I want to do it, though, and, God willing, it will star Seth Rogen.”

    See the full story over at the LA Times website. Kudos to Joblo as well for picking up on this scoop.

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