Tri-C to Implement Permit Parking System

Tri-C to Implement Permit Parking System
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CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga Community College will implement a new parking management plan beginning this Fall Semester. The new plan, effective August 23, calls for a College-wide permit parking system. While the cost of operating the parking system at Tri-C continues to rise, fees for the current pay-on-exit plan have remained unchanged for the past 18 years. The last fee increase for parking at the College was in 1990 when it was doubled from 25 cents to 50 cents per exit.

The new plan, which has been in the works for more than two years, will utilize hangtag permits in place of the existing parking gates and coin deposit boxes located on each of the College’s campuses. Despite the change, parking rates at Tri-C will remain among the lowest of colleges and universities in Ohio.

“We are making the change now because maintaining the system that has been in place for over 40 years would require additional funds to upgrade,” said Clayton Harris, chief of police at Cuyahoga Community College. “We’ve also had several complaints about the pay-on-exit system over the years. Several studies that we’ve done have shown that many colleges and universities are using the permit system. Plus, it’s a fresh start for the new academic year.”

Students can purchase a full-semester hangtag permit for $56.25. They can pay for their hangtag permits and receive them via U.S. mail through the online registration process on My Tri-C Space. Students can also purchase hangtag permits at the Business Office.

Visitors can use the electronic Visitor Parking Meter Stations located in each visitor lot. The cost of parking in the visitor lot using this alternative will be dependent upon the amount of time a patron uses the lot on any particular visit.

All students, faculty, staff and visitors have the option of using daily scratch-off hangtag permits, which can be purchased at the Business Office at a cost of 75 cents per day. Multiple daily permits can and should be purchased in advance depending on anticipated use.

All students, faculty, staff and visitors will be expected to have their hangtag permits on August 23. Hangtag permits are valid on any College campus. For additional information, please visit https://portal.tri-c.edu/parking/default.htm.


Parking & Services

Parking System Changes
Beginning Fall 2008, the College will implement a pre-paid parking permit system on all campuses. There is no longer a need for a gate card or two quarters to exit any lot. The parking gates will be permanently lifted.

Vehicle Registration & Parking Permits
All vehicles parked on college property must have parking permits. (For State handicap placards contact Ohio BMV). All parking lots on campus require a parking permit except designated visitor lots which require $.75 payable at the Visitor Parking Meter Stations. Registration may be done online or at any campus business office.

Student - Semester Permit Pricing
Daily Rate - $.75
Semester Rate - $56.25
Summer Rate - $37.50

Faculty, Staff and Adjunct Faculty - Semester Permit Pricing
Per Pay Rate - $5.78
Annualized Rate - $150.00
Part-time Staff & Adjuct Faculty, Semester Permit - $56.25
Emergency Phones
All parking gates are equipped with a phone connected directly to the Public Safety Office.
Motorist Assistance
Vehicle lock out assists
Battery assists
Fuel assists (gas can not provided)
Help with contacting roadside assistance
Overnight Parking
No vehicle is to be left on College property longer than 24 hours. Vehicles are subject to tow at the owner's expense thereafter. If you must leave your vehicle overnight, please notify the Public Safety Office. The college is officially closed one hour after classes end.
Speed Limit
Parking Lots: 10 mph
Roadways: East Campus 15 mph; West Campus 20 mph
Ticket/Citation Payment
Citations may be paid by mail or in-person at any Business Office.
Ticket/Citation Appeal
Appeals must be made within 10 days of the notice of violation by either coming to the Public Safety Office or using the Online parking appeal form.
Penalty for Non-Payment
Grades withheld; Registration held; Vehicle impounded; Warrant Citation (Municipal Court).



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