Nikon D3100 shooting around Page, Arizona in run-up to August 19th press events?

Nikon Rumors does its best to keep an ear to the ground on DSLR whispers of a certain company. This time, however, the whispers might resonate a bit louder as they bounce off the rocky walls of Page, Arizona-based Canyons. It's here that the site claims commercial shots are or have been taken related to the Nikon D3100, an oft-rumored memory-capturing device (at one time apparently was called the D4000) for the company that might include 1080p video with a continuous autofocus mode. NR seems pretty certain this camera will rear its interchangeable head for at least one of the multiple press events across Europe that Nikon has scheduled for August 19th. Then again, if it's not the D3100, we wonder what the camera maker does have in store for then.
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