New Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Now On Sale

10 November 2009 16:14 by Andre "DVDBack23" Yoskowitz | 4 comments

Xbox 360 802.11n adapter now on sale After accidentally being shown off a week ago by retail giant Costco, the Microsoft 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter is now available officially, via NewEgg, Costco and other online retailers.

The new adapter should provide much more bandwidth then the current line of 802.11g adapters and will use MIMO (multiple in, multiple out) and two antennas to provide a stronger signal and extended range. Microsoft says the new adapters will have double the range of the 802.11g adapters.

Electronista adds that the "adapter is also dual-band and can run on 5GHz to avoid interference as well as 2.4GHz for those with older 802.11n routers or who have to run a mixed-mode network to support legacy devices."

The device sells for between $88-100 USD.


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