Resident Evil : Afterlife Officially Announced

Source:Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor
September 29, 2009

Screen Gems and Constantin Film have officially announced that production has begun on Resident Evil: Afterlife in Toronto, Canada.

ShockTillYouDrop.com was the first to break the news about the fourth announcement back in July (here).

Actress Milla Jovovich returns as the zombie-fighting heroine Alice. Ali Larter and Spencer Locke will reprise their roles from Resident Evil: Extinction as Claire Redfield and K-Mart, respectively. New to the film franchise is leading man Wentworth Miller, who has signed on as Chris Redfield – Claire's brother and a popular character from the game series.

Shawn Roberts will take over the role of Alice's nemesis Wesker. Boris Kodjoe and Kim Coates have also been cast.

Paul W.S. Anderson is returning to the director's chair with a script he penned. He'll be shooting this entry in 3-D.

Anderson offered a small glimpse of what can be expected in the new film: "Alice's battle with The Umbrella Corporation isn't finished," he says. "Last time we saw Alice, she let them know she was coming after them. It’s time to settle the score."

Resident Evil: Afterlife is due in theaters around the fall of 2010.


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