Jesse Preston Sells Her Boobs?

from a myspace posting:

"**** NEW At MyJessePreston.com you can find anything you could possibly want of mine.

Signed Magazines, my personal lingerie, private webcam chats, my diary, and now my boobs!
The boobs that started it all, featured in all the PLAYBOY mags and more.

Get your hands on em first!
& Sign up as a member and get major discounts on merchandise!..."

The Description on her site is as follows:

"Description :

The ones that started them all. Implants Featured in All my Playboys. ♥ Signed PLAYBOY included with purchase."

and the asking price?
My First Boobies New Photo
Price : $10 000.00
Non-Member Price : $9 500.00
Member Price : $8 750.00

ok so we are in like a recession right? if you have close to 10g's to just throw away there is something seriously wrong with you and you need to seek medical attention immediately. no to mention you are probably paying for her next boob job, (what little research i did i found "Depending where you live, quotes that ranged from $3500 to $7500.") IF YOU ARE THAT DESPERATE im sure i can find you, a random girl what would love a boob job and not to mention prob let you touch them, since youll be paying for them. hey at least it will be better than a piece of gell you and nail up to your wall with someones name written in marker on it, oh wait thats just the playboys. so im announcing i will be selling genuwine dog shit, not because they are a dime a dozen, but because at least your owning something real, not a fake boob. sersouly what can you do with a fake boob?


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