Movie Miguel's Top 10 Best & Worst Movies Of 2007

MovieMiguel.com's Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of 2007. Do Keep in mind that these list are of the movies seen, their may be unseen movies that deserver to be on the following list.

Movies That Just Looked Bad (That I Didn't See, Because They Just Don't Look Good) for 2007 (In No Particular Order):
Walk Hard The Dewey Cocks Story
The Brothers Solomon
The Comebacks
This Christmas
Who's Your Caddy
Daddy Day Camp
Code Name: The Cleaners
Blades Of Glory
Delta Farce
Are We Done Yet?

10 Worst Movies of 2007:
10.Reno 911-Major Let Down
09.Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
08.Alien Vs Predator: Requiem-Uh, What?
07.28 Weeks Later-Not as good as the first.
06.Rush Hour 3-No where near as good as the first 2, its the same old sh*t.
05.Hot Rod-Tries WAY to hard to be the next Napoleon Dynamite
04.I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry-Nuf, Said.
03.The Simpsons-Just Found it very UN-FUNNY
02.Epic Movie-Epic disaster
01.Evan Almighty-If you watch the trailer for this movie you just watched the ENTIRE movie their are no surprises in this one everything is revealed in the trailer just watch that, its better than wasting 90min

10 Best Movies of 2007:
08.Wild Hogs-The chemistry of the cast of this movie is amazing.
07.Live Free or Die Hard-Great movie, It needed to be politically incorrect though.
06.Saw IV (Saw 4)
05.Catch and Release
04.Peaceful Warrior-Everyone can learn something from this movie.
03.Farce Of the Penguins
02.Shoot Em' Up-This is how movies should be made.

10 Movie I Want to Still See Of 2007:
10.DOA: Dead Or Alive
09.Gone Baby Gone
08.American gangster
07.We Own The Night
06.Color Me Kubrick
05.Day Watch
04.The Lookout
03.No Country for Old Men
02.Across The Universe
01.Southland Tales

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