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So, I get home from classes today, working on my site and projects for school. I get an Im from my girlfriend (Heidi) asking me if I saw a bulletin posted by comedian Bob Kelly on Myspace earlier today. I replied no, why? She sent me the link to it. the bulliten talks bout his moste recent show in Kalamazoo, at the end it also said:
"oh ya doing podcast tonight with fans
so if you want to be on
get me your number and I will call you later tonight around 9pm eastern time"

I replied to Heidi "yeah did you give them your number?" she said "no, I gave them yours." she didn't think she would make a good guest, we also thought they wouldn't call.

to keep this short basically while on the phone with Heidi i get a call from a number i didn't know, I said "hang on babe I want to see who this is"
"Hey, its Bob Kelly your going to be on my PodCast." After having to start like 9 times we finally got the show on the road. Thats the first time I have ever been a part of anything like that, then to be apart of something like that with Robert Kelly, that shit rocked! :-p

The PodCast is up so you can all listen to me make an ass of myself.

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Love you Heidi

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