Flash 10 Coming to Windows Mobile!

Adobe has announced that a beta version of Flash 10 will be coming to Windows Mobile and other popular smartphone platforms this October. Adobe has previously released a Flash Lite version of its standards, but such Flash Lite does not support the newer Flash 9 nor 10 standards, making current webpages and video contents unusable for the mobile space. The release, if optimized correctly, will bring popular media content and web pages securely within a browser like the pre-bundled Internet Explorer Mobile on a Windows Phone or to Opera Mobile.

Here's what Adobe's CEO had to say:

“We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early version of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our Max conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the new Palm Web OS will be the first devices to support web browsing with the new Flash player…”

Flash and browser plugins are areas where most smartphones, including Windows Phone, lead the iPhone with Apple's reluctance to bring plugins to Mobile Safari for fear of too much memory usage and instability.

While the beta may be coming to developers in October, it may be some time before it trickles into consumer devices.


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